Q: How are the organisations selected?

A: We constantly look out for organisations requesting for mask through the City of Good webpage (https://cityofgood.sg/sgunited/). At the same time, we also receive enquiries from organisations with essential service workers directly to our email.

Q: What determines which organisation the donated masks go to?

A: In general, it is on a first come first serve basis. However, as our aim is focused on people in need and organisations with essential service workers, these organisations will be prioritised in the event where we have a long list of organisations requesting for the masks.

Q: How are the donated masks passed on to organisations in need or organisation with essential service workers?

A: For organisations in need, the boxes will be delivered and dropped off. In line with current Circuit Breaker social distancing measures, we will no longer rely on volunteers passing the packs on to individuals. Rather, we will be dealing with their organisations to pass the masks on to them. As much as we wish to help, keeping our volunteers safe is also part of our social responsibility. Essentially, we will abide by the measures put in place.

Q: Why not accept physical mask donations?

A: We definitely appreciate such kind gestures and surely the essential services personnel too. Firstly, it is difficult for us to verify the quality of the masks as there are unfortunately many low quality ones out in the current market. We want to ensure that the masks passed on to our essential workers are of decent quality (i.e. has certification and HSA approved) to keep them well-protected. Therefore, collaborating with a locally registered company with its own regulated production not only ensures the quality of the masks but also allows us to pool together the resources from your contributions and get them in bulk at a lower cost price. Secondly, we should all adhere to staying home as much as possible. Hence, we do not encourage going around to collect or donate physical masks. This is also why we are dealing with the organisations directly to minimise interactions even though we would love to thank the essential workers personally.

Q: How are the masks packed?

A: From production, the masks are sealed in plastic packs of 10pcs each and each box contains 5 such packs. We simply paste the #SGPaskItOn tags and do not open any plastic packs. This also makes it easier for organisations to distribute the packs to their essential workers as there is no need for any repackaging while at the same time keeping hygiene levels high. For organisations which prefer to receive them in boxes, we will keep the boxes sealed and simply paste our larger tags on the outside of the boxes.

Q: How will I know which organisation my donation went to?

A: You will receive an email stating which organisation your donation has been directed to as well as the date the masks were delivered to the organisation.

Q: How will I receive my masks?

A: In line with current Circuit Breaker measures, we will not have our volunteers doing the deliveries. As the masks come in sealed packs of 10pcs, we will mail them out through standard mail to minimise human interaction.

Q: When will this #SGPaskItOn Movement end?

A: Our aim is to pass on 10,000 masks by the end of the Circuit Break period (1 June 2020), whichever comes first.